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The wildlife series of coins spotlight endangered animals such as the Orca (2019 coin), Silver Snowy Owl (2018 coin), Grizzly Bear (2017 coin), Snow Falcon (2016 coin), Polar Bear and Cub (2015 coin), Arctic Fox (2014 coin) and Polar Bear (2013 coin). The new 2020 Lear Capital coin is in development and will be unveiled later this year. All of these coins have a fixed mintage and Lear considers them the semi-premium bullion coins as a result.

Multiple reputable news sources are reporting an increase in central bank and retail purchases of gold and other precious metals as a hedge against market uncertainty, including an unpredictable stock market, an ongoing trade war with China, uncertain monetary policy and limits on the Federal Reserve’s ability to cut interest rates, and a potentially looming recession.

About Lear Capital

Founded in 1997, Lear Capital is a leading precious metals company. Lear Capital provides the tools needed to securely purchase and sell precious metals. The company offers a diverse suite of intelligent resources including real-time pricing, regular email alerts, newsletters and personal sales representatives to answer questions. Lear Capital enables its customers to stay current on the latest developments in the gold and precious metal market. For more information, please visit Lear Capital is truly a contemporary company that knows how to market and advertise its own services. This is manifested by the rather high volume of complaints on the Better Business Bureau, and we emphasize that 11 have been successfully resolved out of the 36 complaints. When a firm advertises and markets itself too much, you’ll expect a high number of complaints to happen. Potential consumers would be smart to do essential due diligence before creating any solid investment decisions. Even so, the overall customer satisfaction seems to be satisfactory and the company’s website has a store of valuable data that customers can take benefit of to educate themselves on gold coins This is regardless if they end up investing in the Lear Capital or not.


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